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Baby & Childrens Health

Featured Baby & Childrens Health Products

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The age old question ‘what are the Best Vitamins For Kids’? Well there is no right or wrong answer as opinions in the nutritional world are constantly changing. It’s pretty much a consensus that Omega 3 is necessary for promoting and supporting brain health and development especially throughout school ages. And that Calcium (and vitamin D) are necessary for healthy bone & teeth development, but the levels of other vitamins & minerals seem open to discussion.

Multivitamins For Kids are a great way to ensure they are getting all the nutrients their body needs to fully function, grow and develop on a daily basis. Though they are not a substitute for a healthy balanced diet as we all know, but they do help ensure required levels are being met. The Haliborange range from Seven Seas, and the Wellkid range from Vitabiotics not to mention Sambucol Kids are all renowned for their efficacy and available right here at Vitamin Bay.

Why do we offer vitamins & minerals for kids at Vitamin Bay? Because Healthy Food For Kids today is of the upmost importance. A healthy balanced diet would eradicate the need for children’s vitamins and mineral supplements but as we all know, getting kids to each a whole variety of foods may be more difficult than it sounds. Same as with Healthy Drinks For Kids, which generally should just be water but no doubt juice is their favourite, but by giving juice it can affect tooth health as well as weight. This is why Vitamin Bay feel it is important to offer a range of health products for children to help keep them in tip top condition all the way through adolescence.