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Featured Barbicide Products

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Looking for the best hygiene system for your salon? Look no further than Barbicide! Known as the top hygiene system in the world, Barbicide offers the most effective salon hygiene solution. Research and testing trials prove that Barbicide is effective fungicide and virucide; it eliminates the HIV-1 virus, herpes, staph, Hepatitis B and C virus, ringworm and other pathogenic organisms. At Salon Supplies Direct, we believe every salon has a duty of ensuring utmost care and maintaining hygiene to make sure the space is safe for its staff and clients. We stock a range of EPA-registered Barbicide disinfectant products designed to disinfect salon workspaces and tools.

Barbicide's effective products ensure that you follow industry standard hygienic practices to make sure working tools and surfaces remain clean from viruses and infection and that there is no cross-contamination from one infected tool to another. Barbicide disinfecting Jar, with a rubber base, ensures safety and sturdiness. Not only this, the designer jar looks beautiful on any styling station.

These disinfectants are designed to kill pathogens and viruses to enable safe use of tools. Explore our range of top Barbicide products and demonstrate to your clients your commitment to good hygiene practices.