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Ellas Kitchen

Featured Ellas Kitchen Products

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Ella’s Kitchen Baby Food Packed with Baby Goodness

When it comes to weaning, it can be daunting preparing food for your little one as you may be unsure as to what it should contain, how much of all the ingredients, portion sizes etc, which is why there is no better place to start then Ella’s Kitchen. Ella’s Kitchen Baby Food is unsurpassed in the world of mum’s. Its reputation really does exceed itself.

They make tasty, natural and healthy 100% organic food for babies + kids, so you can be sure you are giving your child the very best nutritional start in life.  And best of all, there food come in handy packs for parents to use at home or out and about which makes feeding baby far more convenient if you ever find yourself in a place that doesn’t really cater to a baby’s needs.

As previously mentioned, Ella’s Kitchen caters for kids too, 1yr+ to be precise. For these little munchkins there are a range of snacks including Ella’s Kitchen Cookies.  Their Raisin + Spelt and Oat + Spelt cookies are loved by all who taste them. Their ingredients mean they not only taste great but are healthier than alternative biscuits (so you don’t need to feel too guilty about giving them cookies, mum). Alongside these, give them an Ellas Smoothie – a delicious 100% organic fruit snack perfect to pop in lunchboxes, or to enjoy as a fun snack on the go.

If you look for Ellas Kitchen Online you will find advice on weaning from 4 months to 1 year, recipes, where to buy their yummy foods from, how they are made and more. And rest assured mum, every product in the range will be labelled to tell you if it is suitable for Vegetarians and if it contains; No dairy ingredients, No gluten ingredients, No nut ingredients, No egg ingredients and No soya ingredients, so you can be 100% sure what you are giving your child to eat at mealtimes. Ella’s Kitchen really do have your baby’s nutrition at heart.