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Featured Exclusives Products

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Heart Health & Circulation

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Check out these Exclusives products only available here at Vitamin Bay

Buy Exclusives Products Online - Vitamin Bay

Welcome to our Exclusives category, the only place on site to show you products that are exclusively available at Vitamin Bay. As they are not available for purchase anywhere else, it’s a great idea to buy them now for great deals and even better results. Here you can find a supplement or topical treatment for your every need.

The Skin Care range contains the most sought after products on the market to date. The Perfectace range, Jivesse Range and Beauty Elixir are the three best sellers here at Vitamin Bay, based on their superior ingredients and proven ability to help make skin firmer, supple, more radiant and above all else, reduce visible signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Our Hair Care range of supplements contain the necessary ingredients to help grow stronger, longer healthier looking hair. Every strand and every follicle will be nourished when taking any of these exclusive products such as Hair Radiance, Optimum Beauty Hair, Skin & Nails or TrichoMax.

When it comes to Weight Loss, Vitamin Bay has exactly what you need to help you lose those extra lbs. Metaburn Fat Burner has become the most frequently bought supplement at Vitamin Bay. It's clinically proven results and success stories have ensured this product can and will help you lose stubborn excess fat. We also have high strength Green Tea, Green Coffee, White Kidney Bean, Garcinia and many more for you to choose from, to find the weight loss supplement most suitable for you.

Our Mens Health category is constantly growing as more and more men decide to take care of themselves. With such a wide range of health issues that can affect men on a day to day basis, we have tried to gather products to cover a spectrum of issues, so that you can find what you need to help improve your health and physique. Check out the Pharmamuscle range for superior sport supplements.

Womens Health can vary depending on the time of their life – whether they are going through Menopause, are pregnant or simply menstruating, hormones generally affect their health on a regular basis. This is why here at Vitamin Bay we have some competitively priced supplements such as Folic Acid or Iron to help keep ladies happy & healthy.

At Vitamin Bay, we know that Antioxidants are necessary within the body to help prevent damage to cells. This is turn keeps body happy. Antioxidants are present in many fruits and vegetables and are also available in supplement form. These antioxidants are actually able to reduce inflammation within the body which makes them really helpful for helping to maintain and support Heart Health & Circulation as well as Joint Health, especially for conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. We have a great range including Acai Berry, Rosehip, Goji Berry, Lutein and more.

Keeping your Mind and Memory at its peak is simpler than you think. Other than brain training exercises, feed your brain the supplements it requires to function optimally such as OmegaPure, Cod Liver Oil, NeuroMax Brainquick and more. Our exclusive range at Vitamin Bay will help keep your mind as sharp as it ever was.

We at Vitamin Bay truly believe that Vitamins and Minerals A-Z are the key to good health. Nutrient deficiencies are common reason for ill health, which is why we brought you this range of exclusive supplements including Vitamin B, C, D, Selenium ACE, Zinc and Calcium to help keep your overall health at its best. Choose Vitamin Bay for all your supplement health needs.