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Floradix for the Family

Natural health supplements have fast become popular especially as people prefer to not take medication to treat minor ailments. A change for the better in diet can usually account for any misgivings in the body caused as a result of nutrients lacking as well as essential vitamins and minerals, but sometimes our bodies need a little extra help. We cannot consume the recommended intake for whatever reason, so occasionally we turn to all-natural remedies for a little boost.

Low iron levels in the body (Anaemia) is common and affects many especially young girls and women during menstruation. It can also be the result of a poor diet. A quality iron supplement may then be necessary to counteract the imbalance. Floradix liquid iron is one of the most popular by far! The Floradix iron supplement in liquid form is ideal for those who do not like taking pills, but there are Floradix iron tablets for those who dislike the taste of the liquid but want the same benefits. Floradix floravital is also a high strength quality liquid iron formula but is yeast and gluten-free making it suitable for, well - anyone!.

When it comes to children, supplementation is also important especially if parents find it hard to keep them eating ‘healthy’ all of the time – kids aren’t easy. Luckily Floradix kindervital makes it that little bit easier. With its essential vitamins A, B complex, C, D and E together with calcium for strong bones and teeth, this great tasting multivitamins & minerals formula is a great tasting way to get kids the essential nutrients they need (in just the right amounts).

So for all the family’s all-natural supplements, remember you can rely on the traditional, popular, renowned family of Floradix. With the Floradix tablets, liquids and teas, any product you buy will be superior to any other.