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Featured Grenade Products

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Choose Grenade for Enhanced Sporting Performance and Energy

Grenade is an innovative and trusted sports performance and energy brand that has grown rapidly since 2010.  Now sold in over 100 countries, Grenade has a huge following ranging from professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, military personnel and Special Forces worldwide. Each Grenade Supplement is widely regarded as the world's fastest growing sports performance / weight management tool in the market today.

Protein supplements are essential for those looking to improve performance, muscle gain or gain muscle size. By getting extra protein (in the form of protein shakes or Grenade Protein Bars for example), your body will recover from exercise faster and help to build up muscle mass. Protein is necessary for hard training athletes whose bodies will break down muscle during exercise.

For those protein shakes use the Grenade Protein Shaker as it is no ordinary Shaker! Its distinctive Grenade branding and design makes a statement! It has a removable storage compartment for powders which can fit a scoop and approx. 3 full servings of Protein and a convenient capsule storage section in the cap. Ideal for taking supplements anywhere!

And when it comes to protein bars Carb-Killer is high in complete proteins, low in impact carbs and loaded with tons of fibre and Reload Flapjacks are a convenient way to consume additional high, quality Protein in between meals or whilst on deployment without accumulating unwanted refined sugars or saturated fats.

Grenade Pre Workout formulas contain university studied ingredients in clinically proven dosages that are hard-hitting and enable you to power through your workouts. And if you aren’t supplementing Intra-workout, why not? Intra-workout supplements are designed to be consumed during your workout. Fuelling your muscles correctly in and around your workouts is crucial for optimal results.

Grenade really do know there supplements and how they impact the human body. If you are serious about training, then Grenade is the choice of supplement for you! Plus, they have ‘the’ best names and design for their products!