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Hair Loss

Featured Hair Loss Products

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Hair loss affects around 60% of women and 80% of men and yet it is still a major cause of embarrassment for those who suffer with thinning/balding hair. Hormonal imbalances, stress and simply styling your hair – pulling and tightening is all too much tensile stress for the hair which can cause thinning hair. Occasionally prescribed medication for hormones can help, not wearing hair up in a ponytail all day everyday can help (although years of over-styling can be hard to reverse). Stress relieving methods may also help like relaxation techniques, or by removing yourself from any stressful situations in your life (if possible). But if the cause is hereditary that’s another story.

Luckily the hair loss market is raging with the newest, latest hair loss treatments. A Hair Loss Shampoo is the first step to making a change. The ingredients in this topical treatment stimulate hair follicles to help stimulate growth.

Hair Loss Capsules or Hair Loss Tablets, such as Nourkrin, are even more popular as they help support the normal hair growth cycle which is necessary to help hair re-growth and maintain new growth, as well as support the hair that is already there. Getting the right nutrients to the hair follicles is key in battling this. Hair needs protein, so a supplement containing collagen or keratin is ideal. Silica and Biotin are also well known to help support healthy hair growth. Vitamin Bay has a huge range of hair loss supplements for you to choose from, so don’t feel embarrassed anymore – just try a hair loss treatment clinically proven to work.