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Hair Radiance 180 Capsules

Hair Radiance is a natural vitamin complex formulated with essential vitamins and nutrients for healthy hair. Hair Radiance works form the inside out, giving your hair the nutrients it needs to look its healthiest. Contains scientifically formulated FollicleMax marine complex to encourage healthy hair growth.

Size: 180 Caps
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Buy Hair Radiance 180 Capsules

The ultimate supplement in hair therapy, Hair Radiance nourishes every hair from root to tip leaving hair thicker, longer and bursting with an enviable healthy shine

Healthy hair 'starts' with a healthy diet, this is why Hair Radiance contains all the essential ingredients you need to consume for healthy hair. But what is healthy hair. Generally it is considered to be thick, full, and luscious, undeniably nourished and with a healthy shine. Now everyone's dream can become a reality. Hair Radiance works from the inside out, nourishing hair from root to tip. Its added benefit of FollicleMax contains all the necessary ingredients for healthy hair growth.

Why take Hair Radiance?

  • To grow stronger, longer hair
  • For nourished hair
  • To improve hair health & elasticity
  • To increase hair strength
  • To prevent hair breakage
  • Is completely drug free & Suitable for all hair types

How do the ingredients in Hair Radiance promote healthy hair growth?

  • FollicleMax contains Peptan collagen. Collagen is a major component in hair growth. By restoring collagen in the hair shaft it can help improve hair growth. Collagen capsules strengthen hair and increase the diameter of individual hairs, giving your hair an overall fuller appearance.
  • Healthy fats in Spirulina, especially GLA play a role in keeping hair shiny. It also contains amino acids, vitamin A and beta-carotene to help treat hair loss while simultaneously promoting hair growth.
  • If you are deficient in Iron or Iodine this could cause hair loss. Kelp is rich in iron, iodine, and amino acids so can help promote hair growth.
  • Amino Acids strengthen the hair's structure.
  • Its Vitamin-B complex nourishes a healthy scalp and supports hair growth.
  • Biotin helps produce keratin. Keratin increases hair elasticity, and protects the hair from becoming dry. It also helps thicken hair giving the appearance of fullness.
  • Antioxidant supplements including Vitamin C are believed to stimulate hair growth by improving scalp health.
  • Vitamin D helps prevent hair shedding thereby helping to create a fuller head of hair.

How Does Hair Radiance Work?

Hair Radiance enhances your diet with all the vital vitamins and nutrients your body needs to grow stronger, longer hair. This unique formula produces healthier, thicker, longer, shinier, manageable and faster growing hair. Here is how, and why…

Healthy Hair Growth

Hair Growth

Peptan Collagen is a type of protein which helps battle against dryness and brittleness of hair. By restoring collagen in the hair shaft it can help improve hair growth, strengthen hair and give your hair an overall fuller appearance.

Spirulina helps keep hair shiny. It also contains amino acids, vitamin A and beta-carotene to help treat hair loss while simultaneously promoting hair growth

As Iron or Iodine deficiency can cause hair loss, Kelp can help promote hair growth as it is rich in iron, iodine, and amino acids

Amino Acids are present in most of our hair growth ingredients which demonstrates there importance to hair growth. They strengthen the hair’s structure, so as it grows, so too does the strength. Stronger longer hair is our aim as well as yours!

Hair Health

Biotin helps improve those necessary levels of keratin in the body which leads to healthy hair growth.

Selenium works wonders to helping prevent a dry scalp. It also helps use the foods you consume which contain protein to produce more hair.

Low levels of Zinc in the body can weaken hair strength as it changes the protein structure of hair follicles. Luckily Zinc helps keep follicles strong, so Hair Radiance has enough in its formula to grow healthy hair.

Folic Acid is important in promoting hair growth as a deficiency in it may result in the body becoming anaemic which adversely affects hair growth, so optimum levels are essential.


B vitamins are antioxidants, and Hair Radiance contains B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12. They all play a key role in healthy hair growth including regulating hormones and the immune system. Deficiencies in these vitamins can begin to cause hair loss

Vitamin A is also an antioxidant that is capable of preventing your hair and scalp drying out, leaving a healthy scalp for hair growth

Vitamin C is a key antioxidant. When you do not consume enough vitamin C it can lead to dry, splitting hair, which can lead to hair loss

Vitamin D helps is important in the growing phase of hair

Vitamin E is a great stimulant for capillary growth. When capillaries are healthy and profuse, blood circulation to the scalp is enhanced, which promotes strong and healthy hair growth

Hair Radiance in the Press

Hair Radiance contains a unique & extensive formulation including Biotin, Collagen, Spirulina, Vitamin c, zinc, iron and more to help hair grow stronger and longer in a short space of time. Read more to see how the journalists rate the ingredients within Hair Radiance for hair growth.

Marie Claire Marie Claire

This article summarises how vitamin supplements can aid regrowth. Hair is made up of protein, so it is important to increase your intake and those with iron-deficient diets could also be affected. So taking a supplement containing protein & iron may be beneficial. Hair Radiance contains Biotin, collagen, iron and vitamin c all of which will help aid growth. It basically covers many reasons of hair loss in order to help you grow your hair against all-odds.

Closer Closer

This article looks at thinning hair in women specifically. It states your hair is made up of keratin, which is a natural protein. Making sure your diet is high in protein will therefore help to keep your hair strong and healthy. Hence why Hair Radiance contains Biotin which helps improve those necessary levels of keratin in the body which leads to healthy hair growth and collagen, another form of protein to help keep the hair shaft healthy.

The Science behind Hair Radiance

Human Hair Growth

FollicleMax is a unique combination of Spirulina, Peptan® collagen, vitamin c and zinc.

  • Peptan® Collagen is a high purity, natural bioactive ingredient containing more than 97% protein, with no fat or carbohydrate.
  • The amino acid profile of Peptan Collagen perfectly matches that found in skin & hair which aids rapid absorption to support the hair's collagen structure. Vitamin C & Zinc stimulates absorption of collagen so hair can grow healthier
  • Spirulina is yet another source of protein, iron and vitamin B.

Spirulina is a source of complete protein containing all essential amino acids. It's also a good source of iron that (as we mentioned before) can help prevent hair loss due to iron deficiency. As it is an excellent source of the essential fatty acid GLA, Spirulina can improve hair's texture and help prevent dry, brittle hair. Not to mention its B-vitamin complex, vitamin E and zinc boosts healthy hair.

Biotin, is a vital B-Complex vitamin that is key to cell creation, which is why it is valuable in hair growth. When consumed, biotin reacts with cell enzymes and plays a vital part in producing amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. Hair itself consists of keratin, which is a form of protein. Therefore, taking a supplement containing biotin helps to contribute to hair growth.

Biotin may also help with dry, flaky scalps, which can lead to hair loss. This is because when hair follicles become blocked with skin flakes, it hinders the hair growth process. So, ensuring your scalp is free of dry skin flakes may be helpful to hair growth.

The Science behind Hair Radiance


Nourishing hair
from within to reveal stronger
longer hair with Hair
Radiance. Peptan collagen is
truly at the heart of beautifully
luscious long locks.

Hair Radiance is made from the Purist Form of Collagen

Hair Radiance uses Peptan, the world's leading collagen peptide for hair & skin beauty. Peptan is a proven key nutrient for hair. Its high quality, scientifically proven efficacy and broad application makes Peptan the 'Beauty from within' ingredient of choice.

Peptan collagen peptides are made from deep sea fish skin which are proven to have high absorption and results. Peptan collagens are produced from selected, high-quality raw materials subject to continuous rigorous checks on safety and origin. This is where Hair Radiance differs from other hair growth supplements which can be made from lower quality biovine (cow) or pig sources. The Peptan collagen selected for Hair Radiance is of the highest quality fish-ONLY source.

Hair Radiance is made from the Purist Form of Collagen

Hair Radiance Success Stories


Emily Lincoln

Product Rating: Product Rating

“ I went for the pixie hair-do about 6 months back. Instantly regretted it and wanted to grow it out as soon as possible. I hate that in-between hairstyles phase. Luckily Hair Radiance has made the process that little bit easier as growth was way faster than I had expected. My hair is now amazingly at my jawline. I have a way to go to growing my hair to my optimal length but, I’m definitely half way there. Very happy indeed

Leanne Frank

Product Rating: Product Rating

“ As many people are, I was sceptical about hair growth pills but when it came to my diet, it just wasn’t good, so my skin and hair weren’t great either. Since using Hair Radiance my hair and skin look healthier, hair just looks ‘nourished’ like on those TV ad’s where you think ‘well of course your hair looks great…you had a stylist’ but to be fair, my hair actually looks just as good. Feeling wonderful. ”

Hair Radiance Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hair Radiance safe to use?
Yes, Hair Radiance is completely safe, as it is 100% drug-free

Are there any side effects from using Hair Radiance?
No, Hair Radiance is entirely based on drug-free ingredients which are evaluated as safe by the Food and Drug authorities, and there have been no known side effects in the 20 years it has been available.

Can I use Hair Radiance for longer than 6 months?
Yes, Hair Radiance is ideal for long-term treatment after the desired results have been achieved.

Does Hair Radiance interfere with any medication?
No, there are no known or registered instances of interference as Hair Radiance is naturally based. However if you are on medication it is always advisable to check with your doctor before commencing with any supplement programme.

Why is Hair Radiance unique?
Hair Radiance has many years of proven experience in the UK and other international markets, and has consistently provided the original efficacy that consumers trust and rely upon. Hair Radiance is the only product worldwide containing FollicleMax - Peptan collagen. Collagen is a major component in hair growth. By restoring collagen in the hair shaft it can help improve hair growth. Collagen capsules strengthen hair and increase the diameter of individual hairs, giving your hair an overall fuller appearance.

Will taking more than the recommended dosage increase the speed or quality of my hair growth?
No, each Hair Radiance tablet contains the precise strength of active ingredients that have been used in the clinical studies. It has been demonstrated in clinical studies that intake of more than the recommended daily dosage provides absolutely no added benefit.

How long does it take before I start to notice a difference in my hair?
Most Hair Radiance users start to see a difference after 3 months of proper use according to the recommended daily intake.

Will Hair Radiance work if I have already gone bald?
Unfortunately once the hair follicle is dead it is no longer able to produce hair. Therefore it is recommended to begin using Hair Radiance at the first signs of hair thinning or hair loss.

Will I experience growth of body hair?
No. Hair Radiance contains specific ingredients that target only the hair follicles on the head.

Once you have purchased this product from, please carefully read all the packaging and labels prior to use. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer services team.

Hair Radiance Special Growth Actives: FollicleMax™ (Spirulina, Peptan ®, Vitamin C, Zinc Citrate) 200 mg, Kelp 80g, NutriActive ™ (Bromelain, Lipase, Protease, Amylase, Papain) 50 mg Hair Radiance Nutrition Proprietary Blend: Biotin 250 mcg, Selenium (Methionine) 50 mcg, Zinc (citrate) 12 mg, Choline Bitartrate 30mg, Inositol 30 mg, Vitamin A 400 mcg (1330 iu), Vitamin D 2.5mcg (100 iu), Vitamin C (as Calcium ascorbate) 80 mg, Vitamin E 17 mg (24 iu), Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide) 20 mg, Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) 5 mg, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 5 mg, Vitamin B5 (Calcium Pantothenate) 5 mg, PABA 5 mg, Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 5 mg, Citrus Bioflavonoids 5 mg, Iron (citrate) 7 mg, Manganese (citrate) 2 mg, Potassium (citrate) 10 mg, Folic Acid 300 mcg, Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 10 mcg, Chromium (picolinate) 20 mcg Capsule Shell: Vegetarian

Take 1-3 capsules per day

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