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Featured Hipp Products

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Hipp - The Organic Baby Food Mothers Trust

All mother’s want to give their baby the best start in life which is why many opt for organic baby food. It is well known that organic means a farming system that avoids the use of fertilisers, pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and more and Hipp organic baby food is no exception. As it is organic moms can rest assured there is nothing harmful added to their baby’s food and thus they should develop healthily.

Hipp use only the very best organic ingredients to create wholesome & nourishing baby foods such as their hipp baby rice. This will most likely be the very first food given to your baby so it’s important to make sure it is the best food choice for your little one.

Hipp products are made from their own organic fruits & vegetables. Yes that’s right, Hipp have their own dedicated organic farms whereby they grow fruit and vegetables are naturally – no pesticides or fertilizers, just good old British soil. They are left to ripen naturally and picked at their plumpest & sweetest. They are then gently steam cooked to keep every ounce of flavour and nutrition.

The result is a sumptuous range of baby food overflowing with flavour & natural goodness (because let’s face it, baby’s like great tasting foods too), suitable for every stage of your little one’s development and all meal times.

Hipp organic milk including Infant milk, follow on milk, growing up milk even hungry baby (because some moms have those) and night milk for those all-important last feeds to help make sure baby sleeps through the night, have all been developed to ensure your baby gets the nutrition he needs at the right stage of development. 10 out of 10 mums who switched to Hipp milk agree - it is the best!