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Immune Support, Colds & Coughs

Featured Immune Support, Colds & Coughs Products

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Buy Immune Support, Colds & Coughs Products Online - Vitamin Bay

Throughout the year people suffer from coughs, colds and flu – it’s inevitable, that’s why colds are called common. But nowadays there are so many treatments to help keep them at bay that suffering should be kept to a minimum during the year. Vitamin Bay does not stock Cold And Flu Tablets containing paracetamol or ibuprofen as they are not vitamins, mineral or supplement based – we are strictly vitamins only.

Vitamins For Colds however we can provide. Vitamin C is the obvious vitamin everybody is familiar with, known for its immune boosting powers and taken alongside zinc, it helps kick colds and flu back where it came from. Vitamin Bay has a great range of supplements to help relieve or prevent a cold from brands such as Seven Seas, Sambucol, HealthAid, Haliborange and more. You can’t stop getting a cold or the flu but you can do your best to keep them at bay, by boosting your immune system with renowned supplements from Vitamin Bay.

Cough Tablets are great to help relieve a dry, tickly cough. Keeping the throat lubricated will help prevent irritation. Lozenges like Ricola or Jakeman’s provide a great way to minimising throat irritation and thus reduce the incidence of coughing episodes. These are not suitable for children though, so if you are looking for the Best Cough Medicine For Kids consider instead looking for the best immune booster for kids that can help prevent the coughs and colds before they start. Sambucol Black Elderberry Extract for Kids tastes great and is available at Vitamin Bay for your convenience so you can stock up all year round.