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Featured Maximuscle Products

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Maximuscle Sports Nutrition for Life


Maximuscle (now Maxinutrition) is Europe's number 1 Sports Nutrition Supplier, and it’s no wonder seen as they have an abundance of expert knowledge on their side. Sports nutrition can play an important role in daily nutrition, not only for those serious about sports and performance but also for the everyday exerciser who is looking to improve performance or achieve certain body goals.

In particular, high quality protein products like Maximuscle Protein Milk are key to help maximise lean muscle development, muscle growth, muscle strength, tone up and ultimately achieve your personal goals.

Maxi Protein Bars such as Promax are high protein bars to aid muscle growth and recovery. They are a simple and convenient way to boost your protein intake (21g in each bar) wherever you are, without needing to mix up shakes or take tablets.

When it comes to choosing a Maxi Protein Shake you are spoilt for choice. Take Promax for instance where each serving of provides your muscles with 30g of protein which contributes to gains in muscle size. Such shakes are ideal for immediately after training where it can help with muscle building, but can also be drunk any time of the day where you might need a good quality convenient source of protein.

Maximuscle Pump Up + NO2 is a bodybuilding workout formula, designed to offer rapid workout intensity, powerful muscular pumps and growth support. It is ideal for bodybuilders wanting greater vascularity, more powerful pumps and strength support. You can feel and notice the effects just 15-20 minutes after taking.

Maxi Nutrition Bars offer a convenient way to take supplements. Promax bars contains high quality which nourishes working muscles, enabling them to recover from intense exercise and rebuild muscle. Each bar contains 21g of high quality protein blend, formulated to target the nutritional requirements of muscle. The high quality protein in each bar aids muscle recovery and rebuilding.