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Featured Mother & Baby Products

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All Mother & Baby

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Baby Toiletries

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Buy Mother and Baby Products Online - Vitamin Bay

Vitamin Bay offer the widest range of Mother & Baby products at amazingly low prices, with fast delivery as standard. Our service is backed up by our friendly team who are happy to help.

We're here to help you look after your health every day with the best Mother & Baby brands, including and many more.

Buy Mother & Baby products direct from Vitamin Bay and save on high street prices.

Look and feel better with Vitamin Bay

Mother and Baby

It’s time to celebrate motherhood! When bringing a new baby into the world it is important to take good care of yourself and of your newborn. We understand the importance of a proper diet and supplementation to help the the health of mum as well as baby. Vitamin Bay is a premium supplier of baby care products that are proven to help in the development of your baby and help you with your wellness at the same time. From pregnancy to feeding, Vitamin Bay is looking out for you with the best products at the lowest possible prices.

Get best Nutritional Value From Supplements

While the best milk for a baby is mother’s milk, it may not supply the body with all the essential nutrients in sufficient quantity. It is therefore crucial for mothers to choose quality vitamins and multivitamins for kids to help promote their health and wellbeing through scientifically designed nutritional supplements.

As a mother, you may want to consider the age and health condition of the baby. You can determine the amount of supplement needed for the health of the baby by calculating the amount of milk needed by the baby.

With commitment to your health, we offer a wide range of vitamins and multivitamins for kids, which are formulated using the best quality ingredients. Babies who receive adequate nutritional supplementation are at a low risk of health problems, as their bodies receive the required amount of nutrients from supplements. Most supplements for mothers help increase breast milk levels while providing the body with nutritional value.

Affordable Quality Baby Care Products

At Vitamin’s Direct, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality baby health products at amazingly discounted prices so that these are within easy reach. We also stock a range of nappies and wipes, formula milk, and baby food so that you don’t have to go elsewhere to fulfil your requirements. Our scientifically designed nutritional products promise to support the infant growth during early development stages.

In today’s environment, most children need vitamin and mineral supplementation to fulfil bodily needs, especially when the bodies don’t get nutrients from food. It is important to remember to use moderate amounts of supplements and not to overdose in order to prevent the risk of side effects.

A child’s primary nutrition should be sourced from baby food in the form of a balanced diet. But for kids who don’t get proper nutrition from diet, nutritional supplements serve the purpose well and thus become a crucial part of a child’s diet regimen and help promote baby health.

Becoming a parent can be one of the most daunting yet wonderful times of one’s life, but do not worry, Vitamin Bay has almost every important product you could need to keep both mum and baby happy and healthy. Our extensive range of Baby Toiletries is second to none, from brands including Earth Friendly Baby, Baby Sebamed and Beaming Baby to name a few, which all contain only natural ingredients so you can rest assured that whatever products you choose, they will contain only safe yet effective ingredients – suitable for the most sensitive of skin.

The Burts Bees Baby Bee Getting Started Kit and the Green People Organic Babies Newborn Hamper are extremely popular Baby Toiletries Set gift ideas here at Vitamin Bay. They contain all mum needs to keep baby happily clean and fresh whilst maintaining that oh so loved baby smell.

But taking care of your own skin both pre and post pregnancy is important if you want to help prevent stretch marks, as well as to keep skin looking radiant and feeling soft to touch. Our Skincare category contains only the most trusted by mums brands including Palmer’s, Bio-oil and Vitabiotics.

Nappies & Wipes are the staple of any home with a baby or toddler. This is why here at Vitamin Bay we have a great range of organic wipes and bio-degradable nappies from Beaming Baby and Attitude to help you take care of baby’s skin as well as take care of the environment.

The weaning stage is a fun but can be a troublesome time. Exploring new foods for baby can be hit and miss as their taste buds develop as well as their abilities to chew and enjoy new textures. Luckily Vitamin Bay has a huge range of Baby Food and snacks to help you guide your child towards a lifetime of healthy eating and great new flavours. Ella’s Kitchen, Organix, Holle and Hipp all bring an exciting range of foods to you that are completely organic, to help begin the journey of eating solids a stress-free experience.

Formula Milk is available at Vitamin Bay from all leading brands including Aptamil, Cow & Gate, SMA, NANNYcare, Hipp Organic and Holle at competitively low prices. Each formula has been manufactured under the strictest rules to ensure the milk your baby receives contains all the nutrients they would get from breast milk, so there is no need to worry your baby will be deficient of nutrients if being bottle-fed. There are now specialist milks such as goat milk which is easier to digest and even more nutritious than cow’s milk, and formula milk for those who suffer from reflux, lactose intolerance, colic and so on. Find the formula milk of your choice right here at Vitamin Bay.

All Mother & Baby products at Vitamin Bay have been carefully chosen for their ingredients, effectiveness and if they are the best options for mum and baby. All mums want to give their baby the best start in life and we think right here is one of the best ways to do it.