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Nanny Care Presents the UK’s First Goat Milk for Babies and Toddlers


When it comes to feeding a baby, breast is always best of course, but in some cases it’s not the choice taken by the mother and so alternatives are needed. Most formula milks are based on cow’s milk but Nanny Care specialise in goat milk based nutrition for babies and young children.

Why Goat’s milk? It is an excellent source of high quality, readily digestible proteins, forms looser, softer and more porous curds in the baby’s stomach (This is particularly helpful to the baby’s delicate developing digestive system), has a casein profile which is closer to human milk (than cow’s milk), has high levels of medium-chain fatty acids and high levels of nucleotides.

They are above all proud to be able to present their infant formula product as the UK’s first goat milk infant formula. NANNYcare First infant milk provides a real alternative to mainstream infant formula brands which are all based on cow’s milk.

NANNYcare First infant milk was previously known as Nanny Care Goat Milk Nutrition, but due to recent changes in legislation this has now been approved for use as a First infant milk formula. A gentle goat milk based formula which is suitable for babies from birth. It is designed to be a nutritionally complete breast milk substitute and can be used if baby is not being breastfed or for combination feeding.

Nanny Care Growing Up Milk is a fortified goat milk drink, suitable for use from 12 months onwards. To be used as part of a normal, varied and healthy diet, it’s a rich source of Vitamin D; Iron which contributes to normal cognitive development in children; Calcium and Vitamin D needed for normal growth and development of bone in children. With Nanny Care you can be safe in the knowledge that your baby or toddler is getting the very best nutrition.