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New Nordic

Featured New Nordic Products

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New Nordic Leading the Way in Health Supplements

Effective all-natural supplements to help keep you healthy, prolong vitality and improve your quality of life. When you see the ‘silver tree’ New Nordic symbol you know it is a product trusted worldwide by millions.

New Nordic Dida is a complex herbal product combining digestive, anti-fungi and carminative powers in order to help avoid frequent bouts of irregular and painful digestion, reflux, stop-go disorders, bloating and flatulence. As these symptoms are so common, it seems smart to incorporate Dida into your lifestyle to help minimise such issues especially if they are affecting your quality of life. Digestive complaints can be painful so don’t leave it to long before you act.

Then on a completely different tangent there is New Nordic Hair Volume which nourishes hair from the inside – out giving it a healthy look and shine. Representing a new generation of natural health supplements, Hair Volume contains a unique combination of herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, as well as procyanidin B2 from apples. By nourishing hair from within, hair will become full of volume, strong, beautiful and full of vitality again. Hair Volume supplies nutrients to and promotes the hair follicle activity.

New Nordic really do cover a multitude of health issues. New Nordic Biofirm Tablets are a herbal detox product aimed at helping kick start weight loss as well as improve skin and digestive health. Great thing about Biofirm is that it works ‘with’ the body’s detoxifying organs! It combines traditionally used herbs with the latest science to support of your body's own natural internal processes of elimination and detoxification. Biofirm contains flavonoids (antioxidants), prebiotics (promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines) and patented bioactive glycoproteins from fruits.

New Nordic is definitely one brand of supplements to watch out for. With so many diverse products, you are bound to find one (or more) that suits you and enable you to lead a better quality of life.