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Featured Olbas Products

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Breathe More Easily with Olbas

When you think of the life of a nose, it’s a shame. They get blocked and congested with winter colds not to mention with summer hayfever. Their health is affected all year round! Whatever the nose size they all suffer from sneezes, snuffles and get sore from all that tissue wiping. Needless to say, Olbas have the answer. Olbas products have something to help every blocked nose, little and big. They even have Olbas Oil Baby. Whatever the cause of congestion and stuffiness – colds, catarrh, flu or hay fever - Olbas is here to help.

Olbas Oil is a unique mixture of pure plant oils including clove oil, eucalyptus, juniper berry and cajuput. It’s this combination of natural ingredients which releases those legendarily soothing and relieving natural vapours. It’s the power of nature - for noses!

The Olbas Inhaler is a favourite amongst many. It’s handy and smells great. Just one big sniff helps you breathe far more easily. Great for in the cold weather too, especially if you work outside. Take it with you in the car, to work, college, school – wherever. Its powerful decongestant gets to work straight away so you don’t have to get that red raw nose look for the duration of the day.

Everybody knows steam is great for a blocked nose, so Olbas Oil Bath is an ingenious idea! The hot bath itself relaxes your body and soothes away those flu-ish aches and pains, while the vapours from the oil unblock your nasal passages. It’s the perfect bath accompaniment.

Olbas for Children is ideal when your little one suffers with a terrible cold. Blocked noses at night are a major reason for both mums and baby’s sleepless nights, but with Olbas, both of you may rest easily. Olbas really is the solution to your blocked nasal problems.