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Omega Oils

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The more research that is being carried, the more we are realising just how important fish oils are in our diet. Omega fatty acids are essential in our diets to help maintain a healthy heart, brains and our joints. If you do not consume oily fish on a regular basis in your diet, then consider taking daily Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements such as MorEPA, Equazen or Seven Seas.

By taking Omega 3 Fish Oil Tablets it is possible to help support and maintain healthy joints (by helping reduce any inflammation thus reducing pain) heart health (by reducing inflammation of the heart or blood vessels which could lead to cardiovascular disease) and brain health (by enhancing the performance of neural pathways and improving functions such as memory & concentration).

Omega 3 Capsules are important daily supplements to add to our diets – it’s not a fad like some other ‘here and now’ supplements, these could actually help improve your quality of life especially if you suffer from joint pain so find it difficult to get around or if you have found yourself becoming more forgetful or unable to concentrate on tasks such as driving. Fish Oil supplements really could help

Luckily at Vitamin Bay we have a huge range of high strength, high quality Omega Oil Supplements from well-known brands you can trust at low prices, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that keeping your body healthy doesn’t always cost the earth! Oh and of course, if you hate the taste of the liquid, some supplements even come fruit flavoured now – so there’s no excuse.