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Optimum Nutrition

Featured Optimum Nutrition Products

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Optimum Nutrition Offers Excellence in Sports Supplements


If you are a gym goer, athlete (professional or not) sports supplements offer you a way to help improve your endurance, recovery rate, strength, energy and more. Optimum Nutrition UK offers a huge range of these sporting supplements in both tablet and powder form.

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is ideal if you struggle to gain weight and want to build some ‘serious size’. It is the ULTIMATE weight gain formula, enabling you to add serious mass with 1,250 quality calories per shake. It supports muscle growth with 50g of proteins and 250g of carbs per serving and you can enjoy between meals, post-workout &/or before bed.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard is the world’s best-selling protein powder. It supports muscle growth and maintenance. After training, your body uses protein to help repair and rebuild muscle fibres which is why it is important each serving contains 24g of premium whey protein, (5.5 g of BCAAs), but just 1.1 g of fat & 1g of sugar. Drink first thing in the morning &/or pre or post-workout.

On the flip-side to Gold Standard, Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Gainer is a high-quality, advanced protein blend for those that demand more. It has a blend of 4 protein sources to improve muscle-building potential - 60g of pure protein per shake to support muscle growth not to mention 10 g of Glutamine Compounds, but only 1 g of fat and 1 g of sugar. It even contains added Leucine peptides and hyrolyzed whey protein isolate – perfect for those who are into weight training.

Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydro Whey is Optimum Nutrition’s most advanced & purest whey protein which supports muscle growth and maintenance. Each 140 calorie shake delivers 30 g of fast absorbing whey protein and is ideal first thing in the morning, pre or post training.

All Optimum Nutrition supplements give your body 100% so you can get out 100%. When it comes to serious workouts – these supplements are the best!