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Wheat Free

Featured Wheat Free Products

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If you have a wheat allergy the body will have an immediate response with symptoms including chronic gastrointestinal disturbances, infections, asthma, eczema, acne, joint pains, fatigue and migraine. If on the other hand it is an intolerance, this is when the body has difficulty digesting wheat and reacts against it. Symptoms are generally much less severe and can take several days to appear but can cause poor digestion, bloating and wind, fatigue, headaches and joint pains.

Wheat is the key ingredient in bread and many baked goods due to its high Gluten content. It gives wheat flour elasticity and strength and allows bread to ‘rise’. So it can feel like avoiding wheat is impossible as it’s in many foods we consume, but think again. Living a Wheat Free Diet is possible!

Vitamin Bay has a wide range of Wheat Free Products from brands such as Just Natural, King Soba, Cofresh, Biona and Nairns to name a few, to help enable you to live a wheat free life with ease. And most importantly, all products are at a lower price than you would expect so shopping is not only made cheaper but easier too! Consuming a wheat free diet shouldn’t have to be expensive.

Wheat Free Foods are just as tasty and nutritious as those which contain wheat, the only difference is, the food with wheat is far more readily available, but that’s why Vitamin Bay are catering to those who cannot tolerate wheat – we offer you this huge range and not only that, we deliver it straight to your door!